Our puppet dinosaur, Winny the Muttaburrasaurus, is on a mission to the Beijing Museum of Natural History. Dino Operator and Visitor Events Co-ordinator David Bock describes the flight over.

Long haul flights are called that for a reason.

To pass the time, we made quite a few jokes about bringing Winny into the cabin (and out of her special flight case) and getting her a couple seat.

Also, she probably would've wanted to see Jurassic Park on the inflight entertainment, but would've been disappointed as they only had Night At The Museum and as that's not what goes on in the museum at night at all. Winny gets up to much worse things.

Anyway, we found out later she played Angry Birds.

We arrived after midnight in Beijing in their vast new terminal and walked out into 27 degree heat and something of a pea-souper.

A taxi dropped us off near the hotel and we dragged our bags down narrow dusty lanes (a tired Winny dragged her feet). A few people were awake and pointed us to our hotel.

Located in the old city's hutong, it's a traditional building constructed around courtyards. Pity there's not more left.