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The Australian Museum is CLOSED to visitors for approximately 12 months, to enable work on our major renovation, Project Discover.

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General information

To access the Museum’s complimentary Wi-Fi, look for ‘AMPUBLIC’ in your device’s available Wi-Fi network list.

Terms and conditions apply.

Please contact the School group booking office to plan your Australian Museum educational program and visiting arrangements.

The safety and security of our visitors is of paramount importance to us as we protect our valuable collection.

Whenever you are on Museum premises you must not:

  • use photographic or recording equipment in areas where this has been restricted;
  • use flash photographic equipment without the express permission of Museum;
  • touch, or in any other way, interfere with objects or displays unless indicated;
  • smoke anywhere indoors, or outdoors;
  • eat or drink in display areas or other places where this is restricted; or
  • bring animals on Museum premises, except for guide dogs.

The following items are prohibited on Museum premises:

  • any kind of knife, real or toy weapon or other item or substance restricted by law;
  • large bags, backpacks, parcels or other containers;
  • tripods, aerosol containers, rolled prints/posters, metal tip umbrellas, balloons;
  • any other item which in the discretion of a Museum Security Officer is considered capable of being used to cause damage to or conceal a collection object for removal.

The Museum reserves the right to:

  • exclude or remove the public or any other person from any building, or part of any building or site;
  • inspect any bag, luggage or object, however described, upon entry to and before leaving Museum Premises;
  • use Security Closed Circuit Television cameras throughout Museum Premises; and
  • prohibit any other personal items it deems necessary.

Whenever you are on Museum premises you must:

  • conduct yourself in a manner which, in the reasonable opinion of Museum, does not interfere with, disrupt or offend other persons on Museum Premises;
  • ensure children under 16 years are accompanied by an adult at Museum and are supervised at all times;
  • wear footwear at all times which will protect you against injury; and
  • comply with any reasonable request by Museum in relation to your entry or continued presence on Museum premises.

Wheelchairs and other mobility aids are permitted. Items needed for medical purposes are permitted. Please identify items needed for medical purposes to Australian Museum staff upon arrival.

Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult on Museum premises

If you have any concerns regarding these conditions of entry please talk to one of our customer service staff members at the Admissions Desk. You can also provide feedback via email visit@austmus.gov.au or by calling +61 2 9320 6000.

Concession cards must be shown upon admission to receive the reduced General Admission charge.

  • Seniors Card-holders (all states)
  • International seniors aged over 60 years
  • International Student Card-holders
  • Australian Student Card-holders
  • Centrelink Healthcare Card-holders
  • Australian Government Pension Card-holders
  • Australian Veterans' Affairs Gold Card-holders

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