Welcome to the Australian Museum (AM) – enjoy your visit with us. To ensure the safety and security of all our visitors and staff and to protect our valuable collections, we ask that you observe the following terms of entry:

1. Additional terms of entry due to COVID-19

We encourage you to refer back to these Terms regularly as they are updated in line with NSW Health and other Government directives (Orders) in response to the changing COVID-19 situation.

In line with the NSW Government’s published guidance regarding freedoms for fully vaccinated people (NSW Roadmap), and until further notice, only fully vaccinated people and those with medical exemptions will have access to the freedoms allowed under the NSW Roadmap.

Vaccination status

From 11 October 2021, visitors to the AM:

  • must be prepared to provide proof that they have received two doses of an approved vaccination against COVID-19; or
  • must be prepared to provide proof that they have a medical exemption; or
  • under the age of 16 do not need to be vaccinated provided they are accompanied at all times by a fully vaccinated adult.

Acceptable forms of proof of vaccination / medical exemption

In line with the Orders, only the following three forms of evidence of vaccination are considered acceptable:

  • A COVID-19 digital certificate displayed through the Medicare App, Service NSW App, Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) service through myGov, My Health Record, those documents or equivalent downloaded to your smartphone wallet or as a file downloaded to your device
  • Printed version of the COVID-19 digital certificate or immunisation history statement (Australian Immunisation Register)
  • Successful completion of a Service NSW QR check-in that includes vaccination confirmation.

Medical exemptions must be issued by medical practitioners certifying that because of a specified medical contraindication, the person to whom the certificate has been issued cannot have a COVID-19 vaccine.

You must wear a face mask at the AM

All visitors over 12 years of age must wear a fitted face mask when inside the AM to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in the community, unless you have a health condition which makes wearing a fitted face covering unsuitable. Please provide evidence of your health exemption from wearing a mask. Please bring your own masks. Masks are also recommended for younger visitors where practicable.

While inside the AM, please wear your face mask at all times unless:

  • you are eating or drinking
  • you are communicating with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing
  • you are asked by AM staff or Security to remove your face mask to ascertain your identity
  • there is an emergency situation which makes the wearing of your face mask a hinderance to safety

Please resume wearing your face mask as soon as these events have passed.

Physical distancing must be observed

While inside the AM, please stay at least 1.5m apart from other groups and stand on the designated markers when queuing. In line with NSW Government directives, capacities in each area of the AM have been calculated on the basis of the 4m2 rule. You must follow the directions of AM staff and Security with regard to directional flow, capacities and physical distancing in any given area.

Cloaking services have been suspended for the time being

Until further notice, no cloaking facilities are available at the AM. Please do not bring bags larger than A3 size, carry-on luggage, wheeled shopping carts, long umbrellas, scooters, balance bikes, tripods, selfie-sticks or bulky items to the AM as you may be denied entry.

You may be denied entry in certain circumstances

The AM reserves the right to deny entry, or issue a direction to leave, to you and members of your party if:

  • you are unable to provide adequate evidence of double-dose vaccination or medical exemption
  • you, or members of your party, are argumentative, rude or aggressive with AM staff and security
  • you or anyone in your party do not check-in using the Services NSW QR code or the manual check-in alternative (your personal information is collected by the NSW government and used for contact tracing purposes)
  • in the opinion of AM staff or Security, you or any member of your party fails to abide by authorised directions of AM staff or Security
  • you or your party have with you prohibited items or large and bulky items which are not able to be cloaked at the present time
  • In the opinion of AM staff or Security, any member of your party appears to have symptoms that may place other people at risk or pose a danger to public health.

Consider visiting the AM at a later date

For the safety of everyone, please consider visiting the AM another time if you or someone in your party:

  • does not have proof of double-dose vaccination or medical exemption ready to show AM staff on arrival
  • is feeling unwell in any way
  • is experiencing flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, a sore throat or fatigue
  • has been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19
  • has visited a known COVID-19 case location during the relevant time and have been instructed to get tested and self-isolate
  • is awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test or has returned a positive result
  • have come from overseas and is required by law to quarantine themselves.

2. While in the AM you:

  • Accept that you enter the AM at your own risk and acknowledge that, to the maximum extent permitted by law, the AM is not responsible for any loss, damage, harm or injury arising from your entry to the premises.
  • Must comply with any direction from AM staff or Security.
  • Must follow instructional signage regarding consumption of food and drink, hygiene, capacity limits, directional flow and photography.
  • Must abide by safety signage in the AM and ensure that equipment and furniture provided for visitor comfort and convenience is used only for its intended and ordinary purpose.
  • Must ensure children under 16 years of age are accompanied by an adult and are actively supervised at all times.
  • Must conduct yourself, and ensure any children in your care similarly conduct themselves, in a manner which, in the reasonable opinion of the AM, does not interfere with, disrupt or offend other persons or engages in inappropriate behaviour which may result in injury to themselves or others.
  • Must keep your strollers, pushchairs and buggies with you or park them in the dedicated parking areas or collapse them for cloaking.
  • Must wear appropriate clothing and footwear at all times.
  • Must stow bicycles in the bike racks provided.

3. Safety and security

The AM reserves the right to:

  • Exclude or remove any person from any building, or part of any building or site for any reason.
  • Visually or physically inspect any bag or object, while you are on AM premises – this may require your assistance to move or remove items from the bag to facilitate our inspection.
  • Prohibit any other personal items it deems necessary.
  • The AM operates Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras throughout AM premises.

4. Prohibited items may not be brought into the AM

Prohibited items are:

  • Large luggage items.
  • Any animal (other than an assistance animal accredited under a State or Territory law to assist a person with a disability to alleviate the effects of disability; or that is accredited by an animal training organisation).
  • Any kind of real or toy weapon, firearms or other items or substances which the AM considers to be dangerous.
  • Aerosol containers, laser pointers, balloons and drones are not permitted.
  • Any item which, at the discretion of AM Security, is considered capable of being used to cause damage to our collections or to conceal a collection object for removal.

5. Protecting our collections – things you must not do inside the AM:

  • Use any photographic, video or audio recording equipment in areas where this has been restricted.
  • Use professional photography equipment, including flashes, without the prior approval of the AM.
  • Touch, or in any other way, interfere with collection objects or displays unless indicated.
  • Run in galleries, climb exhibits or use AM furniture for anything other than its intended use.
  • Smoke anywhere on AM premises.
  • Eat or drink (including having containers of food or drink) in display areas and galleries or other places where this is restricted. Food and drink may only be consumed in designated spaces within the AM.

6. Recordings inside the AM for personal use and digital engagement

In areas where photography is permitted, please ensure that you:

  • Do not make any recording or take any identifiable photograph of any person without the permission of that person or their legal guardian.
  • Do not sell, license or otherwise publish, disseminate or reproduce (or permit such), whether in whole or in part, any images or recordings taken inside the AM for commercial purposes without the AM’s prior express agreement.
  • Notwithstanding the above, if you upload, publish or disseminate any user generated content taken on AM premises (including, without limitation, photographs, video recordings, data recordings or sound recordings) to any digital media platform, including social media (User Generated Content), you consent to the commercial exploitation, throughout the world, of that User Generated Content by any means (including, without limitation, by re-sharing or re-posting such content) by the Australian Museum and our commercial and other partners without compensation on a perpetual, irrevocable and worldwide basis.

7. Film crews and images

From time to time, the AM or its designated crew, may set up to film, record or photograph (Images) inside the AM. Areas subject to filming will have signage posted and you may be asked to sign a consent form for you, or any children in your party, where your image is recognisable.

Notwithstanding any written consent provided, by entering the AM premises you consent to and authorise the AM to take Images, use, reproduce and disseminate them via any means in any context or for any purpose without further authorisation by, or compensation or attribution to you. All Images are the sole property of the AM or its licensees and by entering AM premises you release the AM from liability arising on account of such usage.

8. Ticketed exhibitions and events

You must have a valid ticket or pass to enter ticketed exhibitions or events at the AM. Tickets are only valid if purchased from the Australian Museum or an authorised agent and cannot be resold for a premium. The AM reserves the right to exclude you from a ticketed exhibition or event where the ticket breaches the Ticket Terms.

9. Accessibility

The AM is committed to making its collections and exhibits accessible through various public exhibitions and online.

We recommend that visitors with access requirements visit our website for details on accessible and inclusive programs and facilities to help plan your visit and/or ask at our front reception desk for details.

10. Personal information

Where you provide your personal information to the AM (including your image on CCTV), it is collected in accordance with our Privacy Policy.