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Camaenidae is a family of pulmonates, air-breathing land snails, in the superfamily Helicoidea. It is one of the most diverse families of true land snails containing up to 3,000 species. Camaenid snails inhabit a wide variety of habitats from tropical India, through all of Asia and into Australasia and the West Pacific. The shells of these snails exhibit a remarkable diversity in shape and colour, which reflects the snails’ varied lifestyles. For instance, arboreal species tend to have conical and colourful shells, whereas terrestrial species often have flat and plainly coloured shells. Image: Claude and Amandine Evanno
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2020 Eureka Prizes finalists announced

Finalists span the full spectrum of science, from solving global environmental challenges to finding unique solutions to deliver life-saving medication.

Eureka Prizes 2020

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Capturing Climate Change

What are you seeing in our climate-changed country? Share your images, see what others are capturing and how we are responding. These images chart impacts as well as solutions. They are striking and often beautiful but reveal a planet in peril.


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