The first climate communications centre in Australia’s museum sector, the Climate Solutions Centre works to increase positive public engagement in climate change.

About us

The Australian Museum (AM) has established a Climate Solutions Centre (CSC) to bring together cutting-edge research and insights from people on the ground to create ways of engaging broad audiences with climate solutions.

The CSC has commenced work (June 2022), upscaling the AM’s existing climate initiatives. The CSC team is reaching more people than ever with exhibitions, touring exhibitions, events, workshops, digital resources and school programs.

Our purpose

  • Collaboration

    To bring people together to inform and inspire commitment to climate solutions.

  • Communication

    To communicate powerful stories for positive futures.

  • Engagement

    To engage a wider audience for climate change through the AM’s outreach onsite, offsite and online.

Current highlights

Thriving on Country program
Thriving on Country program partner with Indigenous communities across Australia to bring together traditional and contemporary knowledge. Greening Australia, Mungaa Station. Image: Annette Ruzicka
© Annette Ruzicka

  • Future now

    Future Now regional touring exhibition with dioramas of sustainable landscapes, about the exciting ways Australians are taking action now to create the future they want. Touring from July 2022.

  • Mt Resilience

    Mt Resilience, a virtual town to explore ways we can face fires, floods and storms effectively.

  • Talbot Oration

    The Talbot Oration, an annual event bringing great thinkers and innovators to the stage.


The Climate Solutions Centre is headed up by Kim McKay, Director & CEO of the Australian Museum along with the Executive Leadership Team and is managed by Dr Jenny Newell.

An Advisory Group has been appointed, bringing together twenty-two of Australia’s greatest minds in climate solutions. The Advisory Group members will help guide and inform the CSC’s programs.

For more information contact:

Learn about climate change with Mt Resilience

Discover how communities can plan for and respond to the impacts of climate change with Mt Resilience, an interactive webAR experience.

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