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We all need electricity in our daily lives. But, using fossil fuels, the electricity sector is our largest source of CO2 emissions.

Australia has some of the best conditions for harnessing solar and one of the highest uptakes of solar energy in the world. Australian inventors are helping make solar even more accessible and sustainable through transparent and flexible solar-collecting plastics and solar roof tiles.

If you can’t tap into your own solar at home, there are opt-ins available with some electricity providers to provide you with renewable energy sources. Ask your energy provider about your renewable options and how they plan to grow renewable energy in Australia to cut their emissions.

Solar power installation
Solar power being installed at Highpoint Shopping Center Image: Supplied by Solpod
© Solpod

What is a community solar garden?

A community solar garden a central solar array, near a community, that feeds into the energy grid. Members of the community can purchase or subscribe to panels. What they get back is a credit on their electricity bill when electricity is generated from the array.

Want to explore how you and your neighbours can benefit from community energy? The Community Power Agency supports communities to develop and deliver their own clean energy projects.

Founder of Community Power Agency, Nicky Ison
Founders of Community Power Agency Nicky Ison (far left) and Jarra Hicks (far right) with colleagues. Supplied by Community Power Agency. Image: Supplied by Community Power Agency
© Community Power Agency

For those in Australia who are vulnerable or on low incomes, the Social Access Solar Gardens Project prototypes four of the first solar gardens projects in Australia. The gardens in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria support consumers who can’t fund their own solar systems where they live.

If you own your home, consider investing in solar. There are local, state and national government initiatives that help fund solar and battery installation. Start your research into what subsidies you’re eligible for by checking out the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme.