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Wind became Australia’s leading clean energy source in 2019. Advancements in onshore, offshore and micro wind turbines mean the country now has more energy security throughout times of drought, and a supply of electricity in remote areas.

Wind turbines come in all sizes. If you have a spot on your property with a clear wind flow, then installing a small turbine could help power your home! Explore your options with Diffuse Energy.

Charlie Prell - Sheep Grazier and Energy Farmer
Charlie Prell is a Farmer from Crookwell on the NSW Southern Tablelands. In his words he farms" sheep and energy". His farm has several wind turbines on it and with neighbouring properties generate enough energy to run the farm and feed back in to the energy grid. He was interviewed for the Climate Change exhibition in November 2019. Image: Abram Powell
© Australian Museum

Wind farms

Community-owned wind farms deliver clean energy to communities, reducing their electricity bills in the process.

Hepburn Wind is Australia’s first community-owned wind farm, at Leonards Hill in Victoria. The 4.1 MW wind farm hosts two turbines that produce enough clean energy for over 2000 homes. The community named and painted the two turbines, Gale and Gusto.

Hepburn Community wind turbines
Hepburn Community wind turbines. Image: Studio Anton
© Studio Anton


The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) funds projects to help accelerate renewable energy in Australia. This includes early-stage lab research through to later stage demonstration projects in the field.

ARENA improves the competitiveness of technologies and increases the supply of renewable energy through innovation for consumers and businesses. Explore their range of support.