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Hydrogen is an incredible energy source the world is starting to embrace. One of the ways hydrogen (H) is collected is by zapping water to separate the H from the H2O.

Hydrogen revolution

Though the hydrogen revolution is only in its infancy, Australia has great potential to be a major supplier of hydrogen across the globe. In the coming years, the demand for hydrogen energy is expected to increase as a replacement for fossil fuel gas and a clean source of energy for batteries.

Read more about the latest hydrogen projects in Australia and find out more about how hydrogen could power regional and remote Australia.

LAVO hydrogen battery
LAVO hydrogen battery. Image: Supplied by LAVO

You too can generate and store your own green energy. LAVO created the world’s first integrated hybrid hydrogen battery. It combines with rooftop solar to deliver sustainable and reliable green hydrogen energy, right in your home or business. And all it needs is a bucket of water to power your house for a day.

To find out more about hydrogen you can explore this animated site by LAVO.

How green is your electricity?

Ask your energy provider about your renewable energy opt-ins. Selecting renewable energy from your provider, including green hydrogen, helps renewables become the norm.

Hydrogen refuelling station
The first public hydrogen refuelling station in the ACT. Image: James Dunlop
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