The transport sector is Australia’s second largest source of CO2 emissions behind electricity - but it’s also where some of the biggest opportunities for reducing these emissions lie. Electric vehicles are revving up across the world and decreasing carbon emissions to create a greener future.

Public transport schemes

Travelling by public bus, train, ferry or tram reduces the demand for fossil fuels. One full bus alone is equivalent to taking about 50 cars off the road.

Australia’s states and territories are now also implementing zero emissions public transport schemes. The electric buses now on the streets of Sydney are part of the NSW government’s plan to convert the state’s entire bus fleet to electric by 2030.

Also look out for pay-as-you-ride electric bike and scooter companies setting up on the streets of Australia’s capital cities and regional centres.

Electric vehicles

Electric cars are fast becoming a part of our everyday streetscapes. By the mid-2020s they will match petrol vehicles on both upfront price and range.

Tesla is the leader in electric vehicle sales with a range of high-functioning, sleek cars. And if a new car seems a bit pricey, check out The Good Car Company. They import quality used electric vehicles from Japan and the UK, that are usually unavailable in Australia.

Telsa electric cars
Tesla electric vehicles are leading the world when it comes to low carbon transportation. Image: Supplied by Tesla
© Tesla

For those who prefer two-wheels, check out the grunt on the Savic range of electric motorcycles. Behind Australia’s first dedicated electric moto manufacturer is a team who are passionate about motorbikes. Don’t mistake the lack of a petrol engine as a weakness—the range of models can handle everything from a city ride to a supercharged road trip.

The Electric Vehicle Council represents businesses in Australia that produce, power and support electric vehicles. Their webpage has a range of resources where you can keep up-to-date on the country’s electric vehicle market and uptake. The council’s vehicle guide lists all of the electric vehicles currently on the Australian market.