First Nations peoples have lived in Australia for more than 60,000 years, maintaining a continuous and seamless connection with nature. Part of caring for Country is connecting with your local environment.

The map of Indigenous Australia is a good starting point for learning about your local area - as part of one of the many different and distinct groups of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia.

Djabugay  Country Cultural burn
Djabugay Country Cultural burn by the Djabugay Corporation. Image: Supplied by Firesticks Alliance
© Firesticks Alliance

The Firesticks Alliance helps Indigenous and non-Indigenous people look after Country, focussing on the use of cultural burning. This can enhance ecosystem health by improving habitat condition.

The Australian Museum is home to one of the world’s most-significant First Nations collections. Our galleries feature artworks, technologies and cultural material representing different First Nations communities across Australia.

Explore our exhibitions and galleries in-person, and find out more on our First Nations pages.