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How to build a wind turbine

Recommended for kids aged 8+.

Wind power is an incredible source of clean energy. Community-owned wind farms deliver sustainable energy to communities across Australia, reducing their electricity bills in the process.

Using recycled materials at home, build your very own working wind turbine and discover the science behind this innovative technology.

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This activity requires adult supervision and some assistance.

How to build a wind turbine by the Australian Museum.

What you need; recycled bottle, thick wooden skewer, paper drinking straw, thumb tacks, a sharp pencil, cotton or string, sticky tape, scissors, ruler, hair dryer and thick paper or card.

Step one

Using the card, draw and cut three blades approximately 15cm long. Engineers and inventors look to the living world for design solutions. Look at the curved shape of bird and insect wings to inspire your designs.

Step two

Cut the card into a circle, approximately 5cm in diameter.

Step three

Cut 1cm slits around the circle three times at equal distances. Cut a 1cm slit in each blade.

Step four

Slot all the blades into the round circle.

Step five

Attach the circle of card to the wooden skewer with a thumb tack.

Step six

Using a sharp pencil, poke a hole at the top of the bottle on both sides.

Step seven

Push the straw through both holes.

Step eight

Push the wooden skewer through the straw.

Step nine

Attach the end of a length of string to the wooden skewer using tape and twirl it around.

Step ten

Test your wind turbine using a hair dryer or fan. Watch the string wind around to see how efficient your wind turbine is.