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How to make a pop-top volcano

Recommended for kids aged 8+.

Use a recycled pop top bottle to replicate a Stratovolcano eruption at home.

Stratovolcanos are characterised by their steep cone, crater summit and often highly explosive eruptions.

Recreate this impressive eruption with just a few household materials.

This activity requires adult supervision and some assistance. Make sure you do you this experiment outside!

How to make a pop top volcano by the Australian Museum.

Replicate a Stratovolcano eruption using a recycled drink bottle. Do this experiment outside!

What you need; vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, teaspoon, detergent, an empty drink bottle with pop-top lid, food dye, funnel, safety glasses,

Step one

Put on your safety glasses.

Step two

Unscrew the lid from the drink bottle. Close the pop-top lid.

Step three

Pour some vinegar into the bottle.

Step four

Add a small squirt of detergent.

Step five

Add in your coloured food dye.

Step six

Add a teaspoon of bicarbonate soda. Quickly screw the lid and shake!

Step seven

Place it on a flat surface, stand far back and watch it erupt.