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How to build an insect hotel.

Recommended for kids aged 8+.

Have you ever wondered what insects call your backyard home? Use this ‘How to’ guide to build your own insect hotel and find out which bugs live in your garden.

Create and decorate your insect hotel with recycled materials found around your house. Then, use the Australian Museum’s Bugwise guide to learn all about your new insect friends.

This activity requires adult supervision and some assistance.

How to build an insect hotel by the Australian Museum.

Create an insect hotel and see which bugs live in your backyard.

What you need; dirt and rocks, leaves and sticks, scissors, coloured pencils, paper, decorations, small piece of mesh, craft knife, an empty container with a lid, glue stick and sticky tape.

Step one

Cut windows in the container using the craft knife. Get an adult to help you with this.

Step two

Tape mesh onto the inside surface of the container to cover each window. Repeat this for the other window.

Step three

Decorate the container using coloured paper, pencils and any other decorations you like.

Step four

Put some dirt, grass, leaves and sticks into the container.

Step five

Now your insect container is ready for bugs!

Place on the lid and see what insects have moved in.