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Palaeo-art workshop: Bringing Dinosaurs to Life
January School Holidays 2021 - Palaeo-art workshop: Bringing Dinosaurs to Life, Tuesday 19 January in Patricia McDonald Education Rooms. In this introductory workshop, children learn basic techniques and receive their own art kit that includes Derivan watercolour pencils, paper and brushes. Workshops are led by scientific illustrator Celia Curtis. Image: Anna Kučera
© Australian Museum

Recommended for kids aged 8+.

Join Palaeo-artist Celia Curtis to learn how to draw a realistic Stegosaurus, an armoured dinosaur from the Late Jurassic.

Celia shares some clever tips and tricks to make your drawing stand out – including finding inspiration from modern reptiles and looking at pictures of crocodile and lizard skin to bring your Stegosaurus to life.

Try out the perfect at-home activity for budding palaeontologists!

How to draw a Stegosaurus by the Australian Museum.

With Celia Curtis, Palaeo-artist.

What you need; coloured pencils, HB or 2B lead pencil, felt tip pen, piece of paper or card, pencil sharpener and an eraser.

Step one

Sketch in the lines and shapes and make the outline. Optional: Use a drawing of its skeleton to help you.

Step two

Tidy up the outline using your eraser.

Step three

Choose colours and pattern.

Step four

Colour it in! Add highlights.

Step five

Add shading and shadows.

Step six

Draw in the scales. Look at fossil impressions of dinosaur skin texture and compare to modern reptiles, such as crocodile or lizard skin.

Step seven

Blend in colours and add more detail.

Step eight

Add finishing touches using the felt tip pen. Draw in some details. Outline. Pick out some scales.

Now you can draw a Stegosaurus.