• Audience
    Primary school, Secondary school
  • Learning stage
    Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5
  • Learning area
    Climate change, Geography
  • Type
    Teaching resources

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The online Capturing Climate Change exhibition charts the impacts of climate change as well as solutions. They are striking and often beautiful but reveal a planet in peril. Whether it is drought and fire-scarred homes, tropical animals in once-cool waters, farmers installing wind turbines, protestors marching or kids planting trees – these are the new landscapes we are living in and caring for.

  • You can view the online gallery for free at https://australian.museum/capturingclimatechange/
  • The photos in the online gallery were taken by people from all walks of life including special guest contributors.
  • You can share your photos with @australianmuseum using the tag #CapturingClimateChange on Instagram or by using the Instagram mobile App.

  1. What solutions to climate change can you find at school or in your local neighbourhood?
  2. Why do you think they are a solution to climate change?
  3. Can you think of some other ways we can reduce our carbon footprint?

The online gallery and suggested activity will make your class more aware of actions that can be taken to reduce our carbon footprint and to help prevent the impact of climate change.

Take photos of solutions to climate change in your local area and make a digital photo album. You can also upload your photos to the online Capturing Climate Change exhibition.

An example of a digital photo album

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