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Fresh-Water habitat Image: Andrew Howells
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Freshwater habitats include lakes, rivers, billabongs, wetlands and ponds. Many animals and plants live in or near these habitats. They rely on them to provide food, shelter and a place to breed.


Lakes are large areas of still water. Some large fresh water lakes dry up in times of drought.


Rivers are pathways of flowing water. The water can be fast flowing or flowing slowly. Some large rivers in Australia include the Murray River, the Derwent River and the Katherine River.


Streams are small flows of water. Sometimes they are called creeks or rivulets.


A pond is a small pool of still water.


Wetlands are areas with lots water plants such as reeds, grasses and lilies. Fresh water wetlands increase in size after rain. Lots of birds move into wetlands after rain.


Billabongs are small pools of water that appear next to rivers after heavy rain.

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