Practical activities such as model-making, experiments and creating artworks as well as suggestions for written activities.

Practical Activities

Which salt compound best mummifies an apple? - A scientific experiment to investigate the process of mummification.

Egyptian Art Ideas - Ideas for mural painting, printmaking and making paper, jewellery, sculpture, masks and ceramics.

Draw and paint like an Egyptian - A guide to drawing and painting in the style of ancient Egypt.

Make a boat for the Nile - A guide to creating a straw model boat made in ancient Egyptian style.

Class debate

Debate the topic: ‘Egyptian artefacts in museums around the world should be returned to Egypt’. 

Written activities

  • Write a newspaper article announcing an archaeological find in ancient Egypt.
  • Write a radio script of an interview with an archaeologist recently returned from a dig in Egypt.
  • Make a list of special items you would include in your tomb and give reasons for your choices. Compare your list with a friend. Think about whether your list is related to your own culture.
  • Use hieroglyphs to write your name or secret messages, tell stories or write classroom signs.
  • Choose which craftsmen you would like to have been in ancient Egypt. Write an account of a typical day in your life thousands of years ago.