We all have stories about how our changing environment is affecting us; no matter which place is home. We are also starting to create the stories of how we are responding to these changes and troubles. As humans, it is through stories that we create and share understandings of our world.

Here are some experiences of climate change in Australia and the Pacific, and reflections on the solutions we are finding.

A changing climate

In 2020, the Australian Museum published interviews with a variety of people to answer 3 questions: What is climate change? What are the impacts of climate change? What are the solutions to climate change?

Not surprisingly, these questions revealed a wide range of answers.

Interviewees were:

  • Varsha Yajman, Spokesperson, Schools Strike 4 Climate
  • Dr Tim Flannery, Distinguished Fellow in Climate Change, Australian Museum
  • Tommy Esau, Leader, Kwaio people, Malaita, Solomon Islands
  • Charlie Prell, Farmer, Crookwell. Deputy chair, Farmers for Climate Action
  • Dr Chris Reid, Research Scientist, Entomology, Australian Museum Research Institute
  • Nyimirr (Fleur Magick Dennis) and Millmullian (Laurance Magick Dennis), Cultural Educators, Milan Dhiiyaan
  • Dr Kim Loo, General Practitioner, Carlingford. Member of Doctors for the Environment Australia
  • Dr Peter Lawrence, Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory, National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Colorado, USA

What is climate change?

What are the impacts of climate change?

What are some solutions to climate change?

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