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4 – What's on

5 – From the Director
The future health of our environment is in our hands

7 – Preserving the art of science
Meet the recipients of the inaugural Australian Museum Scientific Illustration Scholarship

8 – Whales Tohora come to the AM
Fran Dorey gives us a taste of this upcoming exhibition about the giants of the deep

10 – Citizens rise!
The Australian Museum's citizen science projects are helping change the world for the better, writes Alice Gage

18 – Climate in the Anthropocene
Professor Mike Hulme of the University of Cambridge explores our evolving notion of climate

20 – Every skerrick of Eric
Gabriel Wilder pieces together the story of Australia’s most complete pliosaur

22 – Access all areas
How the Australian Museum is creating social change through inclusion, writes Gabriel Wilder

24 – First of their kind
The Australian Museum's type specimens

28 – Blood and bone
Australian Museum Research Institute scientist Dr Sandy Ingleby describes the evolving art of cleaning a whale carcass

31 – Behind the screens
Digital interactives in the Westpac Long Gallery are opening doors to once-closed collections

32 – Out of their shells
Louise Schwartzkoff meets the Australian Museum’s mollusc experts

35 – Welcoming David Armstrong
Peter Munro interviews the new President of the Australian Museum Trust

37 – News