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Editor Alice Gage

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  • 4 – What’s on
  • 5 – From the Director & CEO
  • 6 – Museum News
  • 10 – Project Discover
    Creating a world-class museum
  • 13 – New acquisition
    Balun Gilamahla (The River Journey)
  • 14 – The evolution of giants
    What we can learn from ancient whale fossils
  • 16 – Arabian nights
    An expedition to uncover the treasures of Oman’s depths
  • 20 – By the book
    Confronting the history of the collection
  • 22 – Capturing Nature
    The pioneering art and science of museum photography
  • 31 – New acquisition
    A rare crocoite gemstone
  • 32 – Making a mark
    The emergence of tattooing in the Pacific
  • 35 – New acquisition
    The beetle everyone thought was extinct
  • 38 – Around the Museum