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  • 1 - From the Director
    Kim McKay makes an entrance
  • 3 - In this issue
    You're guide to the editor's stories
  • 10 - Building capacity
    Training young scientists in Southeast Asia by Jodi Rowley
  • 22 - Reptiles and amphibians of Australia
    Reviewed by Chris Hosking
  • 33 - Members message
    Serena Todd’s guide to upcoming events


  • 8 - Opening our doors
    Preparing for the Museum’s first exhibition by Rose Docker
  • 5 - Special feature
    25 years of the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes
  • 14 - Douglas Grant: Aboriginal Digger
    His was an accomplished yet tragic life by Elizabeth McKinnon
  • 16 - Life among the Aztecs Life could be hard for Aztec commoners
    By Fran Dorey
  • 23 - Meeting Hal Cogger
    A living legend of Australian natural history by Maxine Kauter
  • 24 - Bilum in the Maketi Ples
    A traditional weaving technique finds new expression by Yvonne Carrillo-Huffman
  • 26 - What on earth is a goniometer?
    It was state-of-the-art apparatus … in 1902 by Patricia Egan
  • 30 - Remembering Harry Wickham
    He brought two surprising gifts from the Solomons by Scott Mitchell


  • 9 - Musings
    What’s new in culture
  • 12 - Australian Museum Foundation
    The Drier collection comes home by Mandy Reid
  • Centre - Xplorer young scientist liftout
    Crystal world centre
  • 19 - Xplanations
    Search > Discover
  • 20 - In your backyard
    with Martyn Robinson
  • 29 - Photofeast
    Getting up close to crystal
  • 33 - Members events
    Travel, talks and more