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From the Director
Transforming the Museum by Kim McKay

In this issue
Your guide to this edition’s stories

Martyn Robinson reviews two new titles

On the agenda
Rewilding Madagascar by Owen Griffiths

Members message
Serena Todd’s guide to upcoming events


Birdwing butterflies on a wild planet
Centenary of a historic butterfly collection and book by Jacquie Recsei

Behind the scenes
Gearing up for the Wild Planet exhibtion

Now showing
Ngara is the path to knowledge, wisdom and survival, syas Amanda Jane Reynolds

From the collection
These shell sculptures form a bridge between two cultures, says Scott Mitchell

Discover Sydney’s little-known freshwater fishes with Sally Reader

You'd be surprised at what can live in rain-filled rock pools, says Brian Timms

Australian Museum Foundation
Mandy Reid reports on a recent expedition to Southern French Polynesia


Science Bytes
News from AMRI

Xplorer young scientist liftout
Soil’s alive

Witchetty grub anyone?

In your backyard
Martyn Robinson with two seasonal stories

Members travel
Travel the world with Museum scientists

Celebrating 50 years of wildlife photography

Members events
Night talks and sleepovers