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  • 8 - Helen’s Flying Frog
    Jodi names a new species of frog for her mum by Jodi Rowley
  • 11 - On the record
    What’s new in science
  • 12 - Heath and the mousetrap
    A threatened native mouse turns up unexpectedly by Mark Semeniuk
  • 14 - Disturbing the peace
    The Great Barrier Reef: too warm for coral trout? by Brendan Atkins
  • 16 - Ouch! An isopod grabbed my tongue!
    This fish parasite just won’t let go by Melissa Beata Martin


  • 7 - Musings
    People and culture
  • 22 - Shell surprise
    A carved shell from New Guinea holds many secrets by Scott Mitchell
  • 30 - Alexander’s nearest and dearest
    Who can a king trust? by Elizabeth Baynham


  • 2 - Janie’s legacy
    How an amateur shell collector influenced Australian science by Michael Waterhouse
  • 4 - Double delivery
    Kate Murray is producing a book of Museum tales and treasures by Brendan Atkins
  • 6 - Fly in amber
    A stunning photograph from the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes
  • Centre - Xplorer young scientist liftout
    Bush knowledge
  • 19 - Xplanations
    Search > Discover
  • 20 - In your backyard
    with Martyn Robinson
  • 26 - Exit strategy
    Penny Berents reflects on 40 years of service by Maxine Kauter
  • 27 - Photofeast Flight paths
    Preview the 2012 Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition
  • 32 - Australian Museum Foundation
    A fish out of water, Meet Chadwick Biodiversity Fellow Georgina Cooke
  • 34 - Members events
    Travel, talks and walks


  • 1 - From the Director
  • 18 - Review
    Two new books about science
  • 24 - Contesting identity
    Cultural tensions in West Papua by Yvonne Carrillo-Huffman
  • 34 - Members message
    With Serena Todd