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Bush plum by Marion Cox (Gooniyandi). Australian Museum Collection, acquired 2021

New acquisition: The Kimberley boab nut collection

The Kimberley boab nut collection, newly acquired by Australian Museum, documents the practices, life events and stories of the people of the Kimberley region.

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Dr Patrick Smith standing atop fossilised Early Cambrian (520 million year old) stromatolites at Ross River Gorge

Ancient fossils from Australia’s Red Centre

Dr Patrick Smith's recent expedition to the Red Centre reveals a treasure trove of newly discovered fossils spanning more than 600 million years.

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Burra Photoshoot July 2022


Burra is an interactive children's education space, opening July 2022. Burra offers a ‘many-ways’ experience where First Nations and Pasifika knowledge systems and Western science are brought together in layers of learning that promote living well with Country and each other.

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Litoria phyllochroa, Turramurra

Croaked: The 2021 frog die-off

With the help of citizen scientists, Dr Jodi Rowley and the AM Herpetology team are investigating the breadth and causes of a mass frog die-off, currently occurring on the east coast of Australia.

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4 – What’s on

5 – Welcome
Kim McKay AO

6 – Museum news

14 – Croaked: The 2021 frog die-off
Jodi Rowley

17 – New acquisition: Kimberley boab nut collection

18 – New to science: Meet some of the Australian Museum Research Institute's discoveries, 2020-21
Professor Kris Helgen

24 – A moment in time: Q&A with Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year competition winner Scott Portelli

26 – Ancient fossils from Australia's Red Centre
Dr Patrick Smith

29 – New acquisition: The Michael Abbott Bali Collection
Stan Florek

30 – The Climate Cure: The inaugural Talbot Oration
Professor Tim Flannery

39 – New acquisition: The Bill Sherwin Frozen Tissue Collection
Dr Mark Eldridge and Dr Sandy Ingleby

40 – My museum
Fran Dorey

42 – Great philanthropists

43 – Around the Museum