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  • 8- On the Record
    Sydney’s harbour is the most biodiverse 8 in the world by Shane Ahyong, Pat Hutchings, Mick Ashcroft, Mark McGrouther and Mandy Reid
  • 18 - Review
    The Woodhen
  • 22 - Insect soup anyone?
    New foodie craze or citizen science project? by Juliet Gauchat
  • 30 - Getting into deep water
    Studying animals from the ocean depths by Torben Riehl
  • 32 - Confusing the scientists
    How a fossilised skull fooled the experts by Yong Yi Zhen


  • 7 - Musings
    What’s new in culture
  • 17 - Review
    The Aboriginal Story of Burke and Wills
  • 26 - Collecting Indigenous languages
    An early explorer collected words and specimens by Vanessa Finney
  • 19 - Opening up
    Meeting the resurgent interest in Aboriginal cultures by Laura McBride


  • 2 - On the record
    Comings and goings at the Museum
  • 3 - Digging for dugongs
    The Dugong once frolicked in Botany Bay by Patricia Egan
  • 4 - On the tyrannosaur trail
    Tyrannosaurs once ruled the world by Anne Musser
  • 13 - Highlights & snapshots
    Our annual report to Members
  • Xplorer young scientist liftout
    Tyrannosaur time!
  • 19 - Xplanations
    Search > Discover
  • 20 - In your backyard
    With Martyn Robinson
  • 34 - Members events
    Travel, talks and walks


  • 1 - From the Director
    Changing beliefs
  • 24 - Leaner and greener
    Balancing collection care with environmental costs by Colin MacGregor