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  • 9 - On the Record
    What's new in science
  • 10 - The K-T Boundary and the mass extinction of species
    The asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs by Andrew Glikson
  • 14 - Gone troppo!
    New snail discoveries from the Top End by Anders Hallan
  • 16 - Lost, found and lost again?
    Australia’s newest mammal 16 discovery may already be extinct by Mark Eldridge
  • 18 - Tadpoles and frogs of Australia
    Reviewed by Martyn Robinson
  • 24 - Stealth invaders
    An alien mussel slips in by Don Colgan


  • 3 - Carrying the message stick
    Taking message sticks online by Mariko Smith
  • 26 - On the road to Yuendumu
    Revisiting the roots of Aboriginal art by Scott Mitchell
  • 30 - Musings
    What’s new in culture


  • 2 - Meet Kim McKay
    The Australian Museum’s new director by Brendan Atkins
  • 6 - William Holmes, enigma
    Who was the Museum’s first custodian? by Col Johnston
  • 19 - Xplorer young scientist liftout
    Indigenous science centre
    Xplanations Search > Discover
  • 20 - In your backyard
    With Martyn Robinson
  • 31 - Photofeast
    Two stunning, award-winning photographs
  • 34 - Members events
    Travel, talks and walks


  • 1 - From the Director
    Frank Howarth looks back
  • 22 - Collections matter!
    Museum collections in a changing world by Brian Lassig
  • 34 - Members message
    Serena Todd’s guide to upcoming events