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Guest Editor Stan Grant

Collaborating Editors Laura McBride, Dr Mariko Smith

Editor Alice Gage

Design Mark Joseph

Production Jenny Hooker

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4 – What’s on

5 – Welcome
Kim McKay AO and Larissa Behrendt AO

6 – Letter from the Guest Editor
Stan Grant

8 – Meet the First Nations team

9 – Museum News

12 – The Australian Museum's Statement of Reflection
Nathan mudyi Sentance

13 – New acquisition: Weaving Woman
Jodie Dowd

14 – My museum
Laura McBride

16 – Tasmanian shell necklaces: A significant cultural practice
Aunty Lola Greeno

19 – New acquisition: Scarred
Dr Mariko Smith

20 – Unsettled: Uncovering our nation's hidden history
Laura McBride and Dr Mariko Smith

30 – Photo Gallery: Dark Days
Brendan Beirne

31 – Who is Country?
Sara Judge

32 – Always Was, Always Will Be, Aboriginal Land: The history of the iconic declaration
Laura McBride

35 – New acquisition: Piracy
Nathan mudyi Sentance

42 – Deaths in custody: What can museums do to effect change?
Dr Sandy O'Sullivan

44 – Around the Museum