DARK DAYS is an ongoing passion project of Walkey award-winning photographer, Brendan Beirne.

Based in Northern NSW, Beirne has travelled across the country, documenting dozens of sites that played host to some of Australia’s darkest moments. Utilising specialised technique and unique intent, DARK DAYS is a collection of photographs that captures the scenes of the horrific atrocities committed by white settlers against the Indigenous peoples in 18th and 19th century Australia.

While photography was invented in the early 1800s, its practice was slow to reach the furthest colonies across the globe. Perhaps due to this, there are no photographs that recorded the multitude of massacres that occurred across the Australian continent in that time. This project has been created to bring awareness and engagement to the stories untold and injustices forgotten. The pictures in the collection are shot with an infrared camera, which is more sensitive to the unseen light rather than the visible spectrum. This is intentional, as it encourages each viewer to consider what has previously been unseen in history, and to imagine the horrors that occurred in these places not so far from home.