1. Creative Kids vouchers can only be used to purchase tickets to children’s programs at the Australian Museum (AM) that have been approved as meeting the Service NSW eligibility requirements.
  2. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer for the same tickets, including AM Member discounted tickets.
  3. Any difference between cost of program and the value of the Creative Kids voucher:
  4. Will be forfeit in the instance of the full price of the program being less than the value of the voucher; and
  5. Will be payable by the visitor in the instance of the full price of the program being more than the value of the voucher.
  6. Visitor must provide full name, DOB and 16 digit voucher number for each child as appears on the voucher for the purpose of validation at least a week before the date of the program to allow for AM to successfully redeem the vouchers. Requests to purchase tickets using vouchers after this time may not be accepted.
  7. Any vouchers that have already been redeemed or cannot otherwise be validated by Service NSW for any reason will cause the ticket/s to be cancelled. AM will make every effort to contact visitors in this instance to obtain further voucher information or to arrange payment by another method before cancelling the tickets.
  8. Vouchers cannot be applied retrospectively to a program.