• At the Museum

    Reflections on Global Conferences: COP15 & COP27

    At the Australian Museum’s Climate Solutions Centre we are delighted by the historic outcome of the global summit for nature, Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) , just concluded in Montreal.

  • AMRI

    A picture is worth a thousand words

    Photos and videos are a powerful tool when documenting the natural world where often, there is an awful lot to say. But once we capture the moment, how do we use images effectively for science? And why should we collect them?

  • AMRI

    An Australian origin story? Turning mammalian theory on its head

    It has long been asserted that ancestors of the placental and marsupial mammals originated in the northern hemisphere – but a new study by Prof Tim Flannery and Prof Kris Helgen at the Australian Museum has rewritten the origin story of modern mammals.

  • AMRI

    News from LIRS: Big coral spawning event in 2022

    Each month, a selected blog from the Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation (LIRRF) is featured at the Australian Museum. LIRRF supports scientific research and education at the AM’s Lizard Island Research Station on the Great Barrier Reef. This month, we feature: Big coral spawning event in 2022.

  • AMRI

    FrogID, Atlassian Foundation and Engage4Good

    The Australian Museum collaborated with Atlassian Foundation through the Engage4Good program, a program designed to connect subject matter experts with a real-world challenge.

  • AMRI

    Meet Kai the Fish Guy: Australian Museum's Chadwick Biodiversity Research Fellow

    The Chadwick Biodiversity Research Fellowship provides a recent PhD graduate an opportunity to establish a career in biodiversity research. Dr Yi-Kai Tea is our newly appointed Fellow in the AM's Ichthyology division – we sat down with Kai to hear about his first few months, and future plans.

  • Explore magazine

    My museum: Ross Pogson

    As the Australian Museum's new Minerals Gallery opens to the public, we meet Ross Pogson – the minerals and rocks expert who has been the caretaker of the mineralogy collection since 1979.