Fairy Wrasses and Fairy Tales!

    A recent study with Yi-Kai Tea and Joey DiBattista at the Australian Museum uncovers the evolutionary origins of the most species-rich wrasse lineage with the help of an integrative genome-wide dataset.

  • AMRI

    Wombat pouch microbes: protecting the young?

    Marsupials are born without a functioning immune system, yet they manage to survive, how?

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    New insights into the pink cockatoo, an outback Australian icon

    Scientists have undertaken the first genetic assessment of the pink cockatoo, providing insights into how the species has evolved in the harsh inland regions of Australia and how we can conserve this Australian icon.

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    Does the Blue Mountains Tree Frog have really bad neighbours?

    Neighbourly feuds are a universal problem – but for the Blue Mountains Tree Frog, could the other frog species they share a stream with, be deadly?

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    Celebrating AMRI Women in Science

    To celebrate this year’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we are profiling women from the Australian Museum Research Institute (AMRI).

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    Early Birds diary: A morning in January

    The Australian Museum's Early Birds program provides a reduced sensory and supportive environment for visitors on the autism spectrum or those who have other access requirements.

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    Surrender Your Shell: Using DNA to protect the Hawksbill Turtle

    Did you know that real tortoiseshell products are made from the shell of critically endangered Hawksbill turtles? This illegal trade has brought the species to the brink of extinction. To learn more, the Australian Museum, WWF-Australia and Royal Caribbean International launch Surrender Your Shell.

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    Recovery and discovery: rare snails on Lord Howe Island

    After more than a year rodent-free, two of the Critically Endangered land snails on Lord Howe Island are showing strong signs of recovery – and a closely related mystery species has also reappeared!

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    This month in Archaeology: The origins of money

    This month in Archaeology, Dr Way discusses the origins of money examined in the recent PLoS ONE publication, ‘The origins of money: Calculation of similarity indexes demonstrates the earliest development of commodity money in prehistoric Central Europe’ by M.H.G. Kuijpers and C. N. Popa.