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    Fine-tuning citizen science to map frog species richness together.

  • AMRI

    What you need to know about Australian coral reefs

    In their recently published essay collection, Dr Pat Hutchings (Australian Museum), Dr Sarah Hamylton (University of Wollongong) & Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg (University of Queensland) delve deep into Australian coral reef history, ecology, management, First Nations cultural significance & future.

  • At the Museum

    50 years of research on Lizard Island

    Founded in 1973, the Lizard Island Research Station has studied reef ecologies and the impacts of climate change for fifty years.

  • AMRI

    Frogs need your help again this winter

    In winter 2021, Australia’s frogs suffered a mass mortality event. As temperatures drop, we are worried it might happen again – we need you to help monitor our frogs.

  • AMRI

    The beautiful birds of Norfolk Island

    Norfolk Island is home to many beautiful birds – however, Norfolk Island also has an unenviable extinction rate when it comes to its bird fauna. To understand more, our scientists studied the endemic and exotic birdlife of Norfolk Island during the recent Australian Museum-led expedition.

  • AMRI

    Related species of skeleton shrimp from Australia and Far East Asia

    An unusual find of thousands of skeleton shrimp on commercial fishing nets in the Gippsland Lakes, south-eastern Australia has led to the revision of a species from Far East Asia, review of previous records, and recognition of a new species.

  • AMRI

    Collecting better biodiversity data through citizen science

    Will people record calling frogs, everywhere, all at once?