Out of the ashes: Post-bushfire lessons on how we can better manage our fauna

    In September 2021, the Royal Zoological Society of NSW held their annual forum online – receiving more registrations than ever before, with a tremendous range of talks focused on the impacts of the 2019-20 megafires and post-bushfire management.

  • AMRI

    Russian dolls and shark snacks

    What are in shark guts? And what can the contents tell us? The results can be confusing – as we find prey, within prey. To decipher this ‘Russian doll effect’, scientists from the University of Sydney, Australian Museum and NSW Department of Primary Industries tell us more.

  • Museullaneous

    Abydos and its Relics

    Abydos in central Egypt is an important source of our knowledge of ancient history.

  • AMRI

    News from LIRS: The rise and fall of turf-algae empires

    Each month, a selected blog from Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation is featured at the AM. For biodiversity month, we feature the rise and fall of turf-algae empires.

  • AMRI

    The diverse world of Annelida: an international consideration

    Annelida, a common and diverse group of marine invertebrates, populate habitats all over the world. However, many questions around their evolutionary relationships remain unanswered - AM scientists invited international colleagues to help!