• At the Museum

    Dinosnore Feedback

    Here's what one of our Australian Museum Members had to say about their Dinosnore experience.

  • Science

    Psychedelic frogfish makes a splash

    In 2009, colleagues at the University of Washington, created quite a stir when they described a new species of frogfish from Indonesia.  The fish goes by the scientific name Histiophryne psychedelica.  When you watch the movie you'll probably agree that psychedelica is

  • Science

    Common and Standard Names

    Someone asked me about the difference between common and standard names. The video covers this topic and more.

  • Science

    The exciting life of Anglerfishes

    Ichthyology Collection Manager, Mark McGrouther, talks about deepsea anglerfishes.

  • Museullaneous

    How to be clever on Facebook

    For the most part, coporate/museum Facebook pages are pretty much the same: conversations among visitors or inserted opinons. However, there are those out there that are coming up with clever ways of engaging with their audience, you just have to do a lot of sifting. How could we apply these idea

  • Museullaneous

    Digital Heritage Students Lecture

    Notes from a talk given for students studying digital heritage at the University of Western Sydney.

  • Museullaneous

    Knowing the Collections audit report

    There have been various media stories in the past few days concerning the Museum's collections. These stories relate to the recommendations of the Audit Office of NSW in the report Knowing the Collections: Australian Museum, released on 1 September 2010. Read on for further clarification and info