Here's what one of our Australian Museum Members had to say about their Dinosnore experience.

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Dinosnore, where accompanied kids can spend the night at the museum. As well as sleeping next to dinosaur skeletons and fossils guests can explore the museum by torchlight tours. The evening includes dinner and breakfast the next morning on the rooftop at 1 William St Eatery. All adults must be accompanied by children! Image: Abram Powell
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"I've been meaning to give some feedback regarding Dinosnore, my apologies for taking so long. It was by far the best event I have ever taken my son to. I have told everyone I know how great it was and I hope you keep it going. Here are some reasons why I thought it was great:

  • The staff were fantastic and friendly towards everyone, particularly the kids.
  • You didn't put too many rules in place. We felt so privileged to be sleeping in with the dinosaurs and touring the museum and it didn't feel like we had anyone watching us too closely, there was a lot of trust.
  • Dinner was great, you catered well, particularly in allowing alcohol for the parents : )
  • Winnie and the tour were the best parts by far, just fantastic, informative and exciting for the kids.
  • You had real coffee for the parents the morning after. It's something simple but oh so necessary : )

We will come again for sure."