This is a great time of year to explore the diversity of spiders in your backyard.

With the warm weather there has been an increase in the numbers of spiders around in backyards. You will find a large variety of webs under eaves, around bushes and in trees throughout the garden.

Some webs can be easy to identify like the Leaf-curling Spider or the St Andrew's Cross Spider but others can be much harder.

Use the Web2spider resources to help you identify the spiders in your backyard from the webs.

I have also created a set of spider resources to help you find out more about spiders and the species you identify in your backyard.

If you are having any problems with your identifications you can send an image to Search & Discover. Search & Discover is the Australian Museum information and resource centre. They have a wide range of resources and researchers to help you identify animals in your backyard.

Connect with Search & Discover to ask our experts a question.

If you are interested in exploring your backyard biodiversity further you might like these resources too.

We can learn more about our local environment by looking at the animals that make it home.