1 May, 2014.

Can you tell your Double Drummer from your Floury Baker? Was that a Blue Triangle or a Common Jezebel that just fluttered by? And just what is a Porpita Sailor?

Download the Australian Museum’s new ‘Field Guide to NSW Fauna’ and have all of this information and more at your fingertips.

The FREE mobile app is the most comprehensive guide to NSW wildlife available with more than 1000 species including birds, mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, spiders, crustaceans and insects.

The app features detailed descriptions, maps of recorded observations and endangered species listings, as well as stunning images of every species to help you tell your bandicoots from your bettongs.

Project Manager, Louise Carter, said she was thrilled with the app which she described as a must have for anyone interested in wildlife.

“The app covers a great range of NSW fauna - from common species that you may see all the time in your own backyard to the less familiar creatures you might only spot when you’re out camping or bushwalking,’ she said.

“It is a really handy resource to have in your back pocket so you can identify the unique animals you come across and it doesn’t require internet connectivity which means you can access the data whether you’re at home, by the beach or out in the bush with limited reception.”

Louise worked with experts from the Australian Museum to compile the information in the guide, which has been in development since Dec 2012. The maps and taxonomic information were sourced from the Atlas of Living Australia – a federally-funded, national database of all of Australia’s flora and fauna.

Development of the field guide was generously supported and made possible by the Federal Government’s Inspiring Australia Unlocking Australia’s Potential grant program. It is one of a suite of apps produced by museums for every state and territory in Australia.

The Field Guide to NSW Fauna is the 5th mobile phone app produced by the Australian Museum. Other apps now available include DangerOz, Frogs Field Guide, Tyrannosaurs and The Art of Science. Together, these apps have had more than 580,000 downloads.

The app is available now for both Apple and Android devices