FrogID Sydney Launch

FrogID mobile app

Image: James Alcock
© Australian Museum

Croaks, whistles, bleats and barks - every frog species makes a different sound! By recording a frog call with our new app, FrogID, you can discover which frogs live around you and help us count Australia's frogs!

Frogs are a sign of a healthy environment, but around Australia frogs are declining and many are endangered. By counting Australia's frogs we can learn more about where they are and how they're doing.

Visit the FrogID project website to learn more.

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Tyrannosaurs App Image: NA
© Australian Museum

Hunt for clues and reveal the secrets behind these formidable dinosaurs, hatch your dinosaur eggs and collect them all!

Download and play the free Tyrannosaurs game:

Xmas Beetles ID app

Christmas Beetle

Common NSW Christmas Beetles

Image: NA

Discover the wonderful diversity of Australia's most famous beetles with our identification guide. Browse the comprehensive catalogue of Christmas beetles, including photos, maps and more!

Collect the beetles you find and identify by adding them to digital collection, and learn more about beetle anatomy and taxonomy with our illustrated glossaries.

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Google Cultural Institute at the Australian Museum

Google Expeditions mobile app
Discover the Australian Museum in virtual reality with the Google Expeditions mobile app. Image: NA
© Google

Explore museum galleries, go behind the scenes or discover our specimens and collection stores in Google virtual tours.

Tour the Australian Museum on Google Arts and Culture here.

The Art of Science

Art of Science app

Scientific illustration by the Scott sisters

Image: Scott Sisters
© Australian Museum

Explore over 100 paintings of butterflies and moths by Harriet and Helena Scott, colonial Sydney’s most famous natural history artists and see the latest scientific data. The app features fun games to play too!

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Spiders Augmented Reality

Spiders App in the Street
As part of the Spiders - Alive & Deadly exhibition the Australian Museum Digital team developed an ‘Augmented Reality’ phone app. Markers placed around the city streets will generate a 3 dimensional model of a spider when scanned by the phone. The markers appeared throughout the streets of Sydney over the course of the exhibition. Image: Abram Powell
© ©Australian Museum

This AR mobile app complements the Australian Museum's Spiders exhibition. The app uses augmented reality technology and your mobile phone to place scientifically accurate 3D spider models in the environment around you.

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Field Guide to NSW Fauna


Platypus illustration

Image: Andrew Howells
© Australian Museum

A valuable tool for anyone with an interest in wildlife. Use it in urban, bush and coastal environments to learn more about the animals around you.

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