Here's what past entrants had to say in 2009 about Up Close and Spineless. It's consistent growth since 2002 highlights a real interest in getting up close with invertebrates.

Congratulations on running the competition, it is always nice to have someone encouraging amateurs and advancing scientific study/interest at the same time.

It would be good if entries could be electronically submitted as an option.

I really enjoy the challenge of the 'Up Close' competition. I think there should be a special Prize for 'rare or rarely seen' creatures.

I think the competition is a great idea. I think there could perhaps be more categories especially in the non professional non student categories. Perhaps the best 200 photographs could be displayed or you display the winners at the Museum and the next group at say the State Library of NSW. They have lots of photographic displays which are really fantastic.

It was disappointing to hear that there was a reduction of photos on display in the 2008 competition. It was more interesting with more photos. Also I think there should be more awards on offer in the different categories. The photos that win and get chosen for display should also display a few judges’ comments along with the photographer’s comments at the exhibition so that other photographers can understand why that particular picture was chosen and where they can improve. Other things that would enhance the experience for entrants is holding an entrant’s and family official exhibition opening night and the winners and runner ups are presented with their prizes.

Thank you for organizing the competition and your interest in things small and spineless.

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