Country: Ecological knowledge systems and Mabo’s legacy

Join Indigenous systems ecologist Chels Marshall and facilitator Dr Mariko Smith to discuss how deep cultural knowledge not only overturned the legal fiction of terra nullius but may help reverse the damaging effects of 200 years of Eurocentric land and sea management practice into the future.

Eddie Mabo’s native title claim changed the foundation of this nation’s land and sea law by proving that First Nations people had, through interconnecting social and ecological knowledge systems, lived sustainably and harmoniously on country for millennia.

Essentially the land or sea is us as we are it - that interconnection and that bind. Our culture and our belief systems are based on the biodiversity and landscapes of this country. Chels Marshall

Lunchtime Conversation Series 2021: First Nations innovators and visionaries. Six illuminating talks exploring the stories and ground-breaking work of First Nations leaders across political, environmental and cultural fields.