Dr Mariko Smith First Nations Assistant Curator

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    Manager, First Nations Collections & Engagement
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    First Nations Collections & Engagement
    First Nations

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Dr Mariko Smith is a Yuin woman and First Nations Assistant Curator in the Engagement, Exhibitions & Cultural Connection branch of the Australian Museum.

Mariko focuses on Indigenous community-based cultural resurgence initiatives and incorporating Indigenous ways of knowing into curatorial and artistic practices.

Mariko’s academic and professional qualifications include a combined Bachelor degree in Arts and Laws (University of Sydney) conferred in 2005 and 2007 respectively, Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (College of Law) conferred in 2008, Master of Museum Studies (awarded with Merit: University of Sydney) conferred in 2012, and Doctor of Philosophy from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney (conferred in June 2019). Her PhD thesis focused on the cultural resurgence of Aboriginal tied-bark canoe making in south- eastern Aboriginal communities, with the topic inspired by a museum’s conference event and community outreach programming.

Mariko is also an Honorary Associate in the School of Literature, Art & Media at the University of Sydney.