The Australian Museum Research Institute Education team hosted two events for primary and secondary school teachers.

The first was the Teacher’s Preview Night where guests heard from Australian Museum (AM) research scientist Helen Smith about our fantastic spider collection, learnt about the development of Spiders from the exhibition producer, Catherine Timbrell, and were informed about the AM’s educational programs by members of the Education team.

The second event was hosted by the Macquarie University Education Society and took the form of a TeachMeet. TeachMeets are informal, collaborative experiences organised by educators for educators in order to share ideas and experiences and support each other in professional growth. This particular TeachMeet was all about integrating digital technology and science which culminated in teams of teachers “speed-developing” an engaging lesson and presenting their idea to the group. Being a digitally minded group, this TeachMeet team were all over their social media and you can read more about the event online via #teachmeet

Attendees had a great time, with comments such as "engaging and informative, good to experience what the kids would experience" and "you have turned over every stone, so impressed because you are trying everything" from teachers in attendance.

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