No more men and women in white coats as Peppermint Magazine takes over the Theatrette.

The Theatrette as a photo studio

Our Theatrette - home to lectures, demonstrations and staff meetings since 1910 - was filled with models and make-up artists today. Tweed jackets, corduroy pants and white coats were banned when Peppermint magazine seized the floor for Fashion Less Waste.

The Theatrette as a photo studio

Photographer Rachel Manns called the shots (and took them) as models displayed a selection of outfits from the finalists of the 2011 Fashion Less Waste challenge (which included a brief to take inspiration from our latest exhibition, Rituals of Seduction: Birds of Paradise.)

Judges made their awards based on originality, style (incorporating elements/motifs from bird of paradise), proportion of materials originally used for a non-clothing purpose and craftsmanship.

The prize-winning entries in the two categories “Open” and ‘Secondary School” will go on public display at the Museum this month (July 2011) and at Reverse Garbage in Taylor Square, Sydney in August.