What was your favourite exhibition/gallery/event at the Australian Museum you visited this year and why? 

Sleep in the Deep with my kids was the highlight for 2012, mainly because it was the fourth sleepover at the Museum I've been to with my kids in as many years. It has been amazing to watch them grow and interact with the museum with increasingly thoughtfulness and maturity. They really feel at home in the Museum, and I can feel that it won't be long before I won't be able to lie on an air mattress next to them in a room full of satisfied kids and I will miss that. Sorry for the premature nostalgia. I also have to say that the Ancient Astronomy night talk was a close second, particularly the slides on South America which were a revelation.
- D. Grynberg

I thoroughly enjoyed the Alexander the Great Exhibition. I enjoyed the experience of examining all the artefacts with my 10 year old daughter who also enjoyed this learning experience immensely (Hannah has high functioning Autism). The visual learning was wonderful for her, Hannah retained many facts from this experience and we will definitely be coming again before the exhibition finishes.
– N. Brown

My favourite exhibition this year was the Yiwarra Kuju of the Canning stock route, mainly because I didn't know the tragic Aboriginal history or the story behind this remarkable route. Everyone knows the name but not much else. And the artwork was fantastic.
– N. Barry

Alexander The Great – absolutely fascinating how the curator’s used the objects to tell Alexander’s story – even though none of them were directly linked to Alexander – no personal processions or relics. I also loved the fun-opening with the themed food, dramatics, face-painting and photographs.
– S. Evans

My favourite exhibition at the Australian Museum this year was the Yiwarra Kuju: Canning Stock Route, the aboriginal art exhibition. It was not only stunningly beautiful, (the most amazing selection of Aboriginal Art I've ever seen) but confronting and challenging as well because of the impact of White Australia/brutal treatment of Aboriginal people on the route.
– N. Baker

Favourite exhibition: Deep Oceans because I was able to spend a whole rainy day with my 5 year old in the exhibition and she was thoroughly engaged with it all especially the Octonauts screenings and the scary angler fish.
– R. Sargeant

Please tell us your favourite thing about being a Member of the Australian Museum.

Being a Member helps put a priority back on the joys of nature and discovery in our lives and the chance for my 5-year-old to follow through on his latest particular fixation, shells and rocks. Oh, and I still have such great memories of the Museum since I was a school kid. It’s a magic place and very nice people. Thanks!
- S. Murray

Our family joined as Members when you came to see the Alexander the Great exhibition. We had a fabulous time and plan to visit again before this exhibition finishes. Being a Member is awesome for us as we have recently started home education. We are so impressed with the upcoming events for educational experiences. We live in Newcastle but found the trip on the train very easy and plan to do again very soon. Thank you for this special offer with Alexander the Great to join as Members.
- N. Brown

Always being made to feel very welcome by Australian Museum staff each and every time we come and knowing that there will be something unique and special that we've not noticed before to delight us!
- N. Baker