A. Your Membership

  1. AM Membership commences on the date of purchase and is valid during the period up to, and including, the date of expiry.
  2. AM does not offer membership refunds for change of mind.
  3. The AM offers several types of AM Membership as defined below:

Types of AM Membership
Membership Type Definition
Family 2 Up to two (2) nominated adults and up to four (4) nominated children (under 18 years). Only the named nominated adults and children can attend as part of this Membership.
Family 1 One (1) nominated adult and up to four (4) nominated children (under 18 years). Only the named nominated adults and children can attend as part of this Membership.
Adult One (1) adult (18 years and over)
Concession One (1) nominated adult with one of the following concession cards: Senior, Australian Government Pension (including disability support and aged), Centrelink Healthcare, Australian Veterans' Affairs, Student, or those residing more than 150km away from Sydney.

4. AM Membership is a personal benefits program. Your Membership is not available for corporate or commercial use, for clubs, daycare centres or groups and cannot be on-sold, this also applies to the benefits you may receive from time to time as part of your Membership.

5. Any past, current or future AM Members discounts, offers or promotions cannot be used in conjunction with any other AM Members discounts, offers or promotions.

6. A valid AM Membership grants the named members unlimited entry to the Australian Museum during normal operating hours. You must nominate children in Family Memberships to enjoy kids’ membership benefits.

7. The AM reserves the right to amend terms and/or change Member benefits or privileges at any time, including discounts to its retail shop, onsite cafes / restaurants, events and exhibitions during your AM Membership, including suspending or revoking the Membership program in whole or in part at the AM’s discretion. If we do this we will give you notice by email and/or by posting a notification on the AM website. AM is under no obligation to refund membership fees in whole or in part under this clause 7.

8. The AM Members Team reserves the right to suspend a Member's benefit in whole or in part, or cancel a paid AM Membership without refund for any breach of any of these Terms and Conditions, Terms of Entry or Ticket Terms.

9. By becoming an AM Member, you provide AM with your express consent to receive communications from the Australian Museum by post or email (to the addresses you have nominated) regarding:

i. your membership; and

ii. news, programs, events and offers at the Australian Museum and at any of our business partners.

10. You may opt-out of receiving the things set out in clause 9 (ii) by using the unsubscribe function on any electronic communications you receive from AM or by contacting the AM Members Team to change your preferences. Opting out of these communications will impact AM's ability to provide you with the Membership benefits that would otherwise be available to you as part of Membership.

11. Each Member acknowledges that AM collects, uses and discloses personal information about the Member so that AM can provide Members with Membership benefits and administer the AM Membership program. More information about how your personal information is used and kept is set out in AM’s Privacy Policy.

12. From time-to-time the AM uses third parties to provide ticketing services, some of its programs, events or offers. Unless you have opted-out under clause 9, we may share your personal information with those third parties in order to provide you with the best programming and value. Third parties who receive your personal information are required to comply with standards no less than AM’s Privacy Policy in relation to safe handling and storage of your personal information. Even if you have opted out under clause 9, AM must sometimes disclose your personal information to other third parties, such as law enforcement agencies and courts, in order to comply with its legal obligations.

13. If you have any questions about what personal information of yours is used or stored, you can contact the AM Members Team. Only the Member named on the account will be entitled to access their Membership information.

B. AM Membership benefits

14. All entry to the Australian Museum is subject to our Terms of Entry .

15. AM Members receive the following benefits:

  • Free and/or discounted access to Special Exhibitions (See section C for terms)
  • Members discounts on selected exhibitions, programs and events.
  • Access to the Members Lounge with complimentary refreshments. See section I.
  • 10% discount at the Australian Museum Store including online
  • 10% discount at the Australian Museum’s eateries
  • Monthly eNewsletter with special offers and exclusive giveaways.

16. AM Memberships are non-transferable.

  • All Memberships must include the Member’s name and other personal information as required by the AM. Your personal information is kept in compliance with our Privacy Policy.
  • AM reserves the right to implement photographic Membership cards in future. In that event, AM will advise you via email and a notification on the website.
  • Only persons named on the Membership card may use it.

17. Please take care of your Membership Card. If a card is lost a charge of up to $20 per card is payable for issuing a duplicate.

18. Discounted parking is available when you visit the AM for both Members and Visitors. For current promotion and pricing please see here.

19. Additional members may be added to an AM Membership provided the Membership type allows it. Should the Membership need to be upgraded, the Member may be subject to the full applicable Membership fee for that Membership type and will expire on the same date as the primary member.

20. The primary member is responsible for ensuring the details of their AM Membership are up to date so that we can keep you informed about the program.

C. AM Member terms for accessing Special Exhibitions

21. Special Exhibitions are limited duration exhibitions which require a valid ticket for admission.

22. All tickets are subject to the AM’s Ticket terms.

23. Free Tickets to Special Exhibitions

  • The AM reserves the right to include or exclude Free Ticket allocations for Special Exhibitions, for specific dates and specific times in its absolute discretion.
  • Members must book Free Tickets online prior to the intended day of the session. No free tickets will be available at the ticket desk on the day.
  • Free Tickets to Special Exhibitions are only available to registered Members on your Membership card for specific timed sessions and up to the set allocation for that day.
  • Free Tickets will be allocated as orders are confirmed online until exhausted for the day. Members must receive their booking confirmation email to claim their Free Ticket(s).
  • Members booking Free Tickets online will not be charged booking fees.
  • The number of Free Tickets that can be booked at any one time are limited to the number of registered Members in your Membership.
  • A valid Membership Card and ID must be presented at the entry to the Special Exhibition, with your tickets.
  • Subject to availability and the AM’s discretion in relation to fair access for Members generally, Members can book more than one set of Free Tickets to visit a Special Exhibition.
  • All bookings and attendance under this Free Ticket benefit are monitored. If Members fail to attend booked sessions two or more times during a 12 month period (No-Shows), the AM may suspend the Member from booking Free Tickets for a period of time.
  • Members cannot bring a Non-Member to a Special Exhibition using Free Tickets.

24. Discounted Tickets

  • Discounted Tickets to Special Exhibitions are only available for specific timed sessions and have limited allocations.
  • AM Members can purchase Special Exhibition tickets for the registered Members on their Membership at the announced discount to list price for any timed session where discounts are permitted.
  • Members are encouraged to purchase Discounted Tickets online prior to the intended day of the session.
  • Discounted Tickets will be allocated as orders are confirmed online until the allocation is exhausted for the day.
  • Members booking Discounted Tickets online will not be charged booking fees.
  • The number of Discounted Tickets that can be purchased at any one time are limited to the number of registered Members in your Membership.
  • Subject to availability, Members can use Discounted Tickets to visit Special Exhibitions more than once.
  • A valid Membership Card and ID must be presented at the entry to the Special Exhibition, with your tickets.
  • Members cannot bring a Non-Member to a Special Exhibition using Discounted Tickets.

D. Upgrading your general admission ticket to a Membership

25. Visitors to the Australian Museum choosing to upgrade to a Membership from a general admission ticket are bound by the following terms:

  • A valid AM general admission receipt must be presented at the time of purchase.
  • Only one admission amount can be discounted from each membership purchased, and at the price paid for the admission ticket.
  • Admissions must be of an equivalent or a lesser value than the membership they are to be discounted from. For example, the maximum discount available for an adult membership is an adult admission fee.
  • If the total of the admission ticket value exceeds the total membership value, the Museum will not refund the difference.
  • Upgrades must be made within 14 days of the date of admission as printed on the entry receipt.
  • General Admission tickets cannot be upgraded online and/or upgraded against the discounted online Membership prices. Prospective Members must present their entry receipts in person to the AM Members Team or via email to upgrade to AM Membership.
  • Affiliated Organisation Member entry and discount entry tickets cannot be upgraded to AM Membership.

E. Concessional AM Memberships

26. To qualify for AM Membership at a Concessional rate you must present the necessary proof of entitlement at the time of purchase and at any time while on AM premises where an AM staff member requests it.

Concessional AM Memberships
Concession Type Proof of entitlement
Student A current and valid Student Card
Pension (disability
support and aged)
A current and valid Pension Card
Seniors A current and valid Senior Card
Centrelink and Veterans Affairs A current and valid applicable Card issued by Centrelink or Veterans Affairs
Those who reside over 150kms of the AM Must have a current and valid government issued photographic ID, for example a driver’s license.

F. Gift Memberships

27. Gift Memberships are valid from the date of activation either by giver or by the recipient, for the duration of the membership purchased. For example, if 1-year membership was purchased, it is valid for 12 months from the date it is activated by either the giver or recipient.

28. The AM reserves the right to cancel, without refund, any Gift Membership that has not been activated within 6 months of the purchase date.

G. Australian Museum Affiliated Organisations

29. Until further notice, the AM Affiliated Organisations portion of the program is suspended.

H. Australian Museum Affiliated Partners

30. As an AM Member, you can access the following benefits with our Affiliated Partners as set out below (benefits subject to change at any time by the respective Partners):

  • Archie Rose Distilling Co – 10% discount off beverages only at Archie Rose Distilling Co (Rosebery, NSW), on presentation of your AM Membership Card. Excludes food, bottle sales and experiences. Over 18s only. Please check www.archierose.com.au for opening hours.
  • Offer ends 25 November 2020, unless otherwise notified by the AM.

I. Australian Museum Members Lounge

31. The AM is committed to the safety of our visitors and staff. Due to COVID-19, in addition to our Terms of Entry, access to the AM Members Lounge is subject to the following additional terms:

  • If you, or any one in your party, are feeling unwell we ask that you do not enter the Members Lounge but visit us another day
  • If you, or any one in your party exhibit signs of being unwell, we may ask you to leave AM premises
  • The Members Lounge is operating at reduced capacity to ensure social distancing, please be mindful that your visit may be restricted to 30mins where other AM Members are waiting to enter the Lounge.
  • The Members Lounge is cleaned regularly and hand sanitiser is available for use by Members on entry and throughout your visit.
  • Packaged refreshments, coffee and tea are provided as a courtesy for Members. Please only touch and take what you intend to consume and place crockery and cutlery in the areas set aside for sanitising on leaving the Lounge.

32. Subject to capacity, as a Member, you may access the AM Members Lounge during the lounge opening hours.

33. The AM Members Team, in their absolute discretion, may restrict your access or require you to wait to access the Members Lounge in order to manage Lounge capacity.

34. You will need to have your AM membership card and/or photographic proof of your identity with you to enter the Lounge. The AM Members Team reserves the right to deny you access if they are unable to confirm your identity and/or current Membership details.

35. AM reserves the right to close the Lounge, re-locate it or cease to operate the Members Lounge at any time.

36. AM Members have access to complimentary Wi-fi in the Members Lounge subject to you accepting the terms of that Wi-fi service.

37. The AM Members Lounge can become busy. It is a condition of entry into the Lounge that AM Members enter at their own risk. AM is not responsible for any injury, loss or damage suffered by AM Members while in the AM Members lounge.

38. Smart, casual dress standards apply as a minimum at all times while in the Lounge and entry may be refused if customers do not meet that standard. Bare feet or clothing with offensive images or slogans are not acceptable. AM Members Team have absolute discretion to administer these standards.

39. If you are asked to leave the AM Lounge or AM premises for any reason, you must comply with that direction.

J. Death of a Member

40. AM Membership terminates automatically on the death of a member. AM will terminate the member's account on receipt of notification of the death of the member.

41. Should the member be part of a family membership, the AM Members Team can re-allocate the membership/s at our discretion.

K. Survival of terms

42. Clauses 11 and 12 survive:

  • the termination of these Terms and Conditions under clause 8; and
  • the termination or suspension of the AM Membership Program under clause 7.