Kristin Anderson and I get to watch the entries start coming in and hear the phone ringing with enquiries.

So just why would you enter (or nominate someone for) a Eureka Prize? Good question! There are plenty of reasons to enter:

Get recognised – becoming a Eureka finalist or winner recognises your outstanding work and helps you stand out in your discipline.

Professional advancement – past winners have said that their Eureka win has boosted their reputation within their field or organisation, some have even said it helped them get a promotion!

Stand out – imagine standing on stage in front of hundreds of members of the science community, accepting a Eureka and making your thank you speech. This could be you. 

Publicise your work – so your research might be unusual or not ‘sexy’. In addition to those in attendance at the Award Dinner, our publicity team promotes your work to the mainstream media. What a great way to share what you do with the public!

…and if all of that isn’t enough, how does $10,000 in prize money sound?

We have a brand spanking new online entry system and it is raring to go. Give it a whirl and tell us what you think.

We’re always happy to take calls and emails. Better to ask a seemingly silly question, than worry about something on your own. Trust me – I’ve heard it all before. And if you think your question might be one that others are thinking too, then maybe you could ask it in the comment section below. Then the answer would benefit anyone with the same query.

Go ahead, give us a call on +61 (0)2 9320 6483 or send me an email, and start thinking about what you will enter in the 2014 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes!