I was first alerted to the presence of Roundface Batfish, Platax teira, in the harbour by Richard Vevers of Underwater Sydney on 15 April. Since then, a number of people have contacted me, including Henry Budd the Telegraph's Harbour Reporter.

Roundface Batfish, Platax teira
Two juvenile Roundface Batfish in Chowder Bay, Sydney Harbour, New South Wales, 14 April 2011. Image: Richard Vevers
© Richard Vevers

Chris McDonald contacted me to say that three specimens are now swimming in warmer water at Sydney Aquarium.

The Roundface Batfish is a rare visitor to Sydney Harbour. The only other confirmed specimen from the harbour was caught near Manly Pier in 1976. It is now preserved in the Australian Museum Ichthyology Collection. Interestingly that fish was also seen in May.

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