The International Children's Conference on the Environment run by UNEP (United Nations Environment Program).

This week I will be flying to South Korea to represent Australia at the International Children’s Conference on the Environment.

This conference has a focus on Climate Change and its effect on bio-diversity, young people, water and sustainable lifestyles.

This conference is in line with the big Climate Change conference in December in Copenhagen. World leaders will come together to develop a new strategy to deal with climate change. At our conference kids will have an opportunity to voice their concerns and call for action to world leaders on Climate Change.

There will be over 750 children and their chaperones from over 100 countries coming together to learn from each other.

I have been asked to run a workshop about climate change and my generation and also give a speech.

It has been my goal to one day run workshops for kids about the environment. This opportunity has come sooner than I anticipated but I am so excited. The name of my workshop is ‘Climate Change and Generation Z’. I decided to name the workshop this as it is my generation that is going to have to deal with the serious affects of climate change. In my workshop I will be running activities with children that teaches them about climate change and I will be showing them ways that they as individuals can make a difference. The goal for my workshop will be to have fun but at the same time learn about the environment.

My speech will focus on how kids can make a difference and I will be reading my letter I wrote to world leaders on climate change.

I think that South Korea will be a great experience and can’t wait to see what is in store. I will be catching up with friends from around the world and see what environmental activities they have all been engaged in.

My next blog will be done from Korea so stay tuned.

Remember ‘Habits made today will help life tomorrow’.