This month's presentation "Focus: It's hard, because.. hey look at that over there" Mick Liubinskas from Pollenizer talks about startups on Thursday 7 July from 4pm at the Australian Museum. Read on to find out more and to book your spot - it's free!

Presentation topic: Focus: It's hard, because.. hey look at that over there!

Why is focus good and why is it so hard. Why you probably aren't as focused as you think. Stories of misery and joy about building 20 web startups in 3 years. Are you about to start a new project? Here are some key principles to keep your project focused and to make sure it is a success.

Date and Times:

Thursday, July 07, 2011 from 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (GMT+1000)


  • Ground Floor,
  • Former National School Building
  • Australian Museum
  • 6 College Street Sydney

Entrance to the Former National School Building is off William Street, just near the corner of Yurong Street.

Presenter: Mick Liubinskas

Hi, I'm Mick. I co-founded Pollenizer with Phil, and head up the business and marketing team. I work with startup web businesses, bringing together customers, technology and business to make internet and mobile products.
I'm absolutely obsessed with focus. Lack of focus is the number one cause of failed businesses. You need to keep products really simple and nail that first target segment of customers, then you can think about growth. Keep it lean and focused and you can evolve fast enough to beat the big guys. It's also crucial to think about business model right from Day One, to be sure you're creating outstanding value that will bring profits.

I've been building web and mobile products for 15 years with more than fifty companies like IBM, Virgin, Kazaa and my own startups. I work with development teams, designers, CEOs, sales people and investors from Europe, Asia and the USA, and get a kick out of seeing a product being used by real customers.

I've also run my own startups raised investment and worked in Europe, North America and Asia with Zapr & Tangler as CMO. With Pollenizer, I have worked with a number of outstanding management teams from around the globe including 3eep, Lingopal, GetPrice, Xumii, Photo Art,Perkler, Blurb, Live In Australia, Spreets and helped start MoGeneration.

When I'm not online, I'm surfing, playing football (soccer that is) or basketball, or maybe reading Neal Stephenson. I also love cooking and rocking out although maybe that's just a vague memory of my youth... I live in East Sydney with my wife and cat, Polly, who is quite the acrobat.