Lately we’ve asked visitors what they would think about an exhibition about weapons. What would they like to see? What would be interesting to show? Are people interested in the technical aspects? Or would they like to discover how the weapons were used during wars and battles?

Here are some quotes:

“ I want to see the history of the object, who originally made it, used it, passed it on, how it came to be in the museum’s collection.”

“ The museum should give the weapons a context.”

“ Would love to include a contrast with peace and include object related to peace to create balance..”

“ Something with a story that can spin a yarn.”

“ Peace treaties that came out of war.”

“ Things that make you think outside of the box and from left field.”

“ I like to see the story behind it, how it came to here, what happened in the last 350 years since it was made.

“ Find different themes to engage me.”

And, the most interesting question in my opinion;
Weapons... For men only? Or are women just as interested in this subject?
The opinion of 45 people was asked for this small survey. We found out that:
-> Little boys (and girls) would really like to see an exhibition about weapons. They all said 4 or 5 when asked to rate their interest in this topic.
-> The men, the fathers were quite enthusiastic as well, 7 out of 10 rated their interest with 3 or higher!
-> The women, the mothers, well, most of them weren’t that interested...
-> Of the 25 women that were interviewed, 16 of them said not to have any interest whatsoever on the topic.
-> 5 Women are interested, ratings 3 or higher.
-> And 4 women would come to the museum, because their family wants to see an exhibition about weapons.